• 1987 Ford Capri 280

1987 Ford Capri 280

1987 Ford Capri 280 genuine 25,000 miles from new has been part of a private collection since 1990! This is one of the best original 280's I have seen in a long time. With a genuine 25,000 miles from New and in original condition though out, it still wears it's original factory paint! Which for a 280 is something in it's self as even low mileage examples have been painted and even restored. There is a letter from the owner who had owned it since it was 3 years old stated that the mileage and condition is genuine. Comes with old MOT's Sorn paper work, original handbooks, old Tax discs, and other receipts and bills. Has to be seen. Price £29995.00

  • £29,995.00